Numbers 4:31
“Their duties at the Tabernacle will consist of carrying loads.”

Greetings everyone!

I have been pushing ahead reading the Bible cover to cover again, and can not say enough about how empowering it is. The messages that I read are so direct and applicable to everyday life, that I only feel more compelled to share more and more of what I am learning.

To that end, I was reading the book of Numbers today and something struck me so powerfully that I had to write it in a “Tidbit” to share. Here in chapter 4, God is instructing Moses and his brother Aaron to conduct a census of the Levites as they prepare to go to Canaan. Canaan is the promised land that God has told the Jews they will occupy and harvest plenty. I liken Canaan to the place of complete peace and provision that we all seek as we follow God.

Before the Jews reach Canaan, however, God instructs them to do a LOT of work that is meant to prepare them for not only the journey, but also the occupation itself. I laugh as I read this book of Numbers because I think of all the things in my past that I have achieved by the Grace of God, and remember all that I had to endure before achieving it. At this point, I am sure the Israelites are more than eager to get out of the wilderness and into their promised land, but God is like, “uhh..hold up there buddy…you’re not quite ready.” Really? What a tease. I mean these guys have got to be exhausted and must feel like they have surely endured enough to get SOME sort of reprieve.

But that of course is the kicker, God doesn’t want us to have “some sort of reprieve.” He wants us to have the best, which means he has to be sure our bodies, minds, and spirits are prepared to receive it and not squander it away. In the book of Numbers, God has Moses and Aaron conduct a census of the Levites because he wants an accurate record of everyone who will receive the assignment to “carry the load.” That’s how God works, ya know. Everyone has a specific purpose, and the Levites’ purpose was to care for and guard the Tabernacle. And more specifically, the Merarite division of the Levites’ assignment was to carry the posts and frames of the Tabernacle so that it would remain in tact during their journey to Canaan.

Have you ever thought about what the meaning is behind the assignments that you are tasked with by God? Have you ever considered the significance to obeying God by accepting his Grace to get through a troubled time versus disobeying God, and shrinking from the opportunity to be a vessel that He uses for his Will to be done? I can imagine that the Merarite division was like, “Wait. Wha? WE have to carry this thing?? How long is the trip?”

As I read further, I’m reminded that even though their assignment was great in carrying the load, Moses’ assignment was just as difficult, as he had to keep them encouraged and motivated to do it…for 400 years!

Everyone has a role to play. God wants us to play it so we can be a part of the bigger picture: building His Kingdom on Earth. “Their duties at the Tabernacle will consist of carrying loads,” resonates with me because daily, I find that I have a new heavier load to carry. And with each day, comes less and less clarity on why I am carrying it. BUT, as I mature in my relationship with God, I find more and more peace as I faithfully walk, not knowing why I am walking in the direction He has instructed me to go, or why I am walking with the load He has instructed me to carry. It excites me now. It excites me to know that I get the pleasure of being a cog in the wheel of this God thing.

The book of Numbers reveals more and more how God is dutifully giving each tribe specific instructions on how to live and how to walk and how to just…deal. He’s doing this because he knows that when they arrive in Canaan, they will be faced with people and circumstances that don’t know the God that they know. They will find themselves in the land of Milk and Honey, tempted by people who would want to use that Milk and Honey against God, not for Him. Here we see God training his people to, as the author of my Bible put it, “be insulated in a world not like them; not isolated by it.”

I read this scripture today, and challenged myself to look at my loads differently. I look at what’s on my plate and think, “Look Ashley, you can either suck it up and KNOW that God’s gonna give you what you need to knock this outta the park or mope around worried and anxious that suddenly He’s left you high and dry.” I’m sure you guys can guess which way I typically decide to think. LOL

I love you with every inch of my heart and it’s my daily prayer that God uses me in whatever way He sees fit to help people live in their purpose and execute their power by moving boldly through life, without any semblance of fear.

– I Love You,